Choosing a Spay & Neuter Clinic in Los Altos

Los Altos SignChoosing a spay & neuter clinic in Los Altos, CA is the first step to ensuring a happy, healthy life for your pet. Here are a few things to keep in mind before having your pet spayed or neutered.

Why Spay & Neuter Your pet

There are many benefits to having your pet spayed or neutered at an early age. Most notably, it reduces unwanted behavioral problems such as roaming, humping, urine marking and howling. Adult intact animals are more likely to escape your home when in heat or when sensing nearby females in heat, which puts them at risk for an accident, injury, and theft.

Dogs in a BoxSpaying and neutering also have many health benefits for your pet. Fixed animals are less likely to develop cancers of the reproductive system (uterine, mammary, and testicular cancers). They are also at lower risk for hernias and prostate infections. These benefits are amplified when your pet is spayed or neutered before their first year of life, or before their first heat cycle.

Cats and DogsAdditionally, finding a spay & neuter clinic in Los Altos is important to reduce pet overpopulation. Dogs and cats can begin reproducing as early as four months of age. Unwanted or unplanned litters directly contribute to animals being killed in our nation’s shelters. For intact males, pet owners may not even be aware of their contribution to this issue, which is why it is important to spay and neuter as early as possible.

What to Look for in a Spay & Neuter Clinic in Los Altos

These days, there are many options for having your pet spayed or neutered, including low-cost clinics, mobile clinics, and the more traditional full-service veterinary clinics. Choosing a full-service veterinary clinic may cost you a little bit more, but reduces the risk of complication from surgery. A veterinarian can assess your pet’s health and surgery risks based on their age, breed and medical history prior to the procedure. Having a fully staffed clinic also gives your pet one-on-one care for the entire process, including any post-care that is needed. Most low-cost or mobile clinics do not have the right staff, resources, or equipment to take on higher risk surgery cases and are unable to give your pet individualized care.

Dr G. With CatsChoosing your primary veterinarian to spay or neuter your pet has several additional benefits. Your veterinarian knows your pet and its history, which allows them to fully assess your pet’s individual needs and risks. Additionally, your veterinarian’s pre-established relationship with your pet will reduce stress before and after the procedure. Finally, your primary veterinarian will be able to follow-up with your pet’s recovery and answer any questions or concerns you have down the road.

At Acadia Veterinary Clinic, we offer a spay & neuter incentive package to reward you for investing in your pet’s future. For all cats and dogs fixed before 5 ½ months of age, you will receive a 20% discount (up to $135 value). So call our spay & neuter clinic in Los Altos, CA at 408-996-1030 or contact us through our contact form to get started!

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