Choosing a Veterinarian in Los Altos CA

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When it comes to selecting a care provider for your furry family member, whether a new member or an old one, you want the best service and qualifications possible. You want a place that’s committed not only to pet healthcare, but also to offering caring and compassionate care. A facility operated by a knowledgeable team that promises top-notch, comprehensive care, and stellar communication.

Choosing a veterinarian in Los Altos, CA means selecting a place that will not only treat immediate illnesses or injury, but also become your primary care facility. This means that you want a place that offers a range of services. Ideally, you won’t need to visit another facility unless there’s an after hours emergency need. Like your primary care provider, it’s best to keep your pet with the same provider to keep things as consistent as possible. Be sure that your veterinarian and veterinary clinic offers wellness care, vaccinations, dental care, surgical services, X-rays, and diagnostics. A veterinarian who can also provide emergency services is also a perk!

Chat with your veterinary prospects and see how they approach each patient. Ask how care plans are decided on. The best veterinarians treat each case individually and work to understand all the factors that play into your pet’s care. For example, is your pet an indoor, outdoor, or mix of indoor and outdoor pet? What are they exposed to at home? Do they have a history of medical issues? Each of these should be used to help form a comprehensive health plan for wellness, as well as for the treatment of chronic or acute injuries or illnesses.

Another key in choosing a veterinarian in Los Altos, Ca? Education. The best veterinary clinics work to educate pet owners on pet hygiene, the importance of vaccinations and the best schedule to get them done, wellness care imperatives, exercise needs, and nutritional needs. Because each pet is unique, this education should be catered to your pet, their health history, and their environment. The right vet will not only offer this type of education freely, but it will also encourage you to ask questions. Appointments should be long enough that you feel comfortable with all aspects of your pet’s daily care when you leave.

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Veterinarian in Los Altos CA

Lastly, although not unimportant, convenience. When choosing a veterinarian in Los Altos, Ca, be sure that they offer convenient ways to communicate, get medications, and schedule appointments. Opt for a veterinarian and veterinary clinic that offers online appointment scheduling and online prescription services. The more convenience, the better!

Seeking a veterinarian in Los Altos, Ca that meets the above criteria? Acadia Veterinary Clinic may be right a great fit! Email or call 408-996-1030 for more information, or to schedule your first appointment.

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