Choosing an Animal Dental Care Clinic In Sunnyvale CA

Sunnyvale CAGood health starts with good teeth, which is why pet owners look for quality animal dental care in Sunnyvale, CA.

As your pet ages, tartar builds up on the teeth and under the gum line. Tooth and gum decay can lead to, or be the result of, larger health issues, so it is important to be proactive about your pet’s oral health.

This is best done with guidance from your veterinarian.

Signs That Your Pet is in Need of Animal Dental Care in Sunnyvale, CA

Dental Before and AfterInclude: bad breath, red or swollen gums, broken teeth, retained baby teeth, reduced appetite and difficulty chewing, bleeding from the mouth, discolored or plaque-covered teeth, touch sensitivity around the mouth, and changes in behavior.

It is recommended that your pet receives a yearly wellness check-up, during which your veterinarian will perform an oral examination.

Your veterinarian may then recommend a dental cleaning, extractions, or at-home oral care to ensure your pet’s mouth stays healthy.

Even otherwise healthy pets will benefit from periodic dental cleanings throughout their life.

While most pets only require standard dental cleanings as they age, some animals may need more extensive dental care for conditions such as periodontal disease, stomatitis, oral tumors, abscesses, or palate defects. These conditions can be evaluated and treated by a licensed veterinarian who offers animal dental care in Sunnyvale, CA.

Dog and VetTreating these conditions in a timely manner is important to keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Dental cleanings and other oral surgeries are performed under anesthesia in order to reach tartar sitting below the gum line and to ensure a thorough examination of all teeth.

Most pets are able to return home the same day, but may require antibiotics and soft food for several days following the procedure.

You can prevent tooth decay and tartar build-up by training your pet to accept tooth brushing, or provide tooth-friendly food and treats.

Dog Tooth BrushAsk your veterinarian about the best ways to keep your pet’s teeth healthy at home.

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