Why Choose Acadia Veterinary Clinic as your Veterinary Clinic in Los Altos

Vet ClinicThere are many choices you can make when it comes to your pet’s health, and finding the right veterinary clinic isn’t always easy. At Acadia Veterinary Clinic, we specialize in compassionate, comprehensive care that will give your furry family member the best veterinary experience possible.

From our cohesive, friendly staff to our dedication to your pet’s long-term health, there are several reasons why Acadia should be your primary veterinary clinic in Los Altos, CA.

Compassionate care goes beyond medical exams and writing prescriptions. At Acadia Veterinary Clinic, we treat your pet as if they are one of our own. Not only do we provide pet vaccinations in Los Altos, CA to keep your pet protected from common illnesses, but we make your pet feel at ease with our gentle approach.

Dr Treating PatientsOur veterinary clinic in Los Altos, CA always strives to provide excellent customer service. We warmly welcome new patients and are eager to get acquainted with both you and your pet. We are here to answer any questions you have and give you all of the information you need in order to make the best decisions about your pet’s health. We also want to ensure your pet gets the care it needs between appointments, which is why we make it easy to fill prescription and order supplies through our online pharmacy.

Every animal is different, which is why we are dedicated to tailoring our veterinary care based on your pet’s individual needs. Pet vaccinations in Los Altos, CA may require a specific schedule based on your pet’s health, environmental risks, and medical history. Our veterinary staff will work with you to determine what vaccines, tests, and food choices are best for your animal.

Cat and DogsWe believe that owner education is the best way to empower you to take charge of your pet’s health. Knowing how to observe changes in your pet’s behavior, properly give medication, and safely handle animals during an emergency can make a huge difference in your pet’s well-being. We want you to not only know which pet vaccinations in Los Altos, CA are right for your pet but also why. Our veterinary clinic in Los Altos, CA gives pet owners access to videos, articles, and research that will give you the information you need to become your pet’s best advocate.

Drs Treating a CatAt Acadia Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to your pet’s health from the time they become a part of your family, through their senior years. We are not only here for pet vaccinations in Los Altos, CA, microchipping, and wellness exams, but a wide variety of medical care including in-house diagnostics, surgeries, dental care, ultrasound and more. We also partner with a network of veterinary specialists to ensure your pet is getting the absolute expert attention they need.

If you are looking for the best in veterinary care for your pet, make Acadia Veterinary Clinic your primary veterinary clinic in Los Altos, CA. Call us at 408-996-1030 and we will be happy to help you book your first appointment!

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